First Check is a licensed private investigations company that specializes in providing employment screening reports to our public and private clients across the country. Customizing every solution to meet the needs of its clients, First Check is committed to offering completely integrated applicant screening tools nationwide. Learn More.


Residential Screening reports designed to screen an individual’s credit and criminal history for apartment and home leases. Learn more.

Commercial Screening reports designed to screen an individual and a company for commercial office space or building lease.
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Whether you are a non-profit, youth sports association, school, church, or municipality, you will find our process easy to use and very effective. Our process is designed to reduce the administrative burden associated with onboarding volunteers. Learn More.


Reviewing an applicant’s Motor Vehicle Record is an important search for those required to operate a company or personal vehicle for business purposes. This search can mitigate “vicarious liability” claims. Learn More.


We offer urine, oral fluid and hair employee drug testing programs to meet all of your drug testing needs Competitive prices, our national network of collection sites, and the ability to combine the drug screen with your background check make us the easy choice. Learn more.


Job applicants, volunteers, and students use our Personal Background Reports to verify their personal background check history. This search allows you to know what your background check looks like before you apply for that position Learn More.


Take a look at this video demo to get an idea of how easy it is to use our system. Our Simple and Powerful screening software meets and exceeds the diverse background screening requirements of the business, property management, volunteer organization, student/intern, and healthcare industries. Our system makes it easy for you to receive accurate data quickly, securely, and in an easy-to-understand format. With multiple interfaces to other industry providers, customizable workflows, digital signature authorizations, and compliance-friendly features, you’ll love our industry leading screening platform.



Our clients understand that they can be legally liable for the actions of their employees, volunteers, and tenants. Courts have ruled that you can mitigate that liability by making a “good faith effort to obtain information that was reasonably available about your applicant”. That’s where we come in.

As a licensed private investigations company, we provide you with many solutions to properly screen your applicant.

County criminal searches are a core element of a background investigation. We use our nationwide network of 2500 court researchers to actually check the court records at the county level.

Many companies simply rely on a cheap background check that’s purchased from one of many database companies on the Internet offering instant background checks. Many of these databases are dangerously incomplete. What the database companies are really selling are limited records purchased from a patchwork of jurisdictions over time. Often, the database company does not update the records after they purchase them. For example, your database report may show that an applicant had an offense that resulted in deferred adjudication. However, that applicant may have recently done something to violate that agreement which resulted in an arrest or a conviction and the outdated database may not show you the new information. These database can be used a “pointer” devices to see if they uncover any other issues, but we don’t recommend they ever be your sole source of information.

Companies who rely on cheap background checks believe in the myth that a piece of paper in the file will demonstrate due diligence if they are ever sued .