Our healthcare industry clients rely on us to provide them with reports that contain the appropriate searches needed to make sure their employees are not listed on a denied parties watchlist.

There are multiple state and national medical sanction lists that need to be checked for employment in the healthcare field.

Our MedCheck search is included on all reports and it provides sanction information on healthcare organizations from the following federal sources: OIG, GSA, FDA, DEA, Tri-Care, Medicare and Medicaid and several other sanction lists. Also included in our MedCheck is a search of the Nurse Aide Registry (NAR) and the Employee Misconduct Registry (EMR).

Recommended Screening Services for this industry include:


County Criminal Record Search

Federal Criminal Record Search

National Criminal Record Database Search

Med Check (OIG-LEIE Search, Search, Federal and State Medicaid Source Searches including Board Actions)


Education Verifications

Employment Verifications

Professional License Verification

Other Checks & Screenings

Social Security Number Trace

Sex Offender Registry

Substance Abuse Screening