National Association of Residential Property Managers

We are proud to be an affiliate member of The National Association for Residential Property Managers.


National Association of Professional Background Screeners

The National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS) exists to promote ethical business practices, compliance with the FCRA, equal employment opportunity and state and international consumer protection laws relating to the background screening profession. NAPBS provides educational programs aimed at empowering members to better serve their clients, while adhering to standards of excellence in the background screening profession.

Concerned CRAs

Concerned Consumer Reporting Agencies

ConcernedCRAs is a group of like-minded CRAs (consumer reporting agencies) who are concerned about the future of the employment background screening industry. “Consumer reporting agency” is the technical term for employment background screening firms.

We believe that certain data practices employed by some CRAs place our profession and consumers at risk and have come together to raise awareness in the background screening industry, the human resources field, and with the public of these important issues.