Working With Us

Verified Data – Compliance

Our reports are FCRA compliant and we provide you with pre-adverse and adverse action letters to help you stay compliant. We also verify any adverse information that we report with two sources before reporting it. We also assist your applicants who dispute the information on their report or who may need help with learning exactly what is being reported.

Quick Turn Around Time

Most of our reports are completed within 24-48 hours. If part of your package contains instant data such as a ssn – address history search, a driving record search, etc. – it will be returned instantly.

Easy Online Report Order / Retrieval

Applicant Order Entry Interface

This feature allows you to send an email to your applicant with a link to your online application complete with disclosure, authorization and release forms, and an electronic signature. This also helps with compliance issues by helping to remove the collection of sensitive personal identifiers, including DOB. Once entered, the application is seamlessly uploaded in ready for processing and can be seen in your system and in our inbox.

We have no membership fee or monthly minimum usage charges.

It’s easy to get set up with us. New accounts are typically set up within 24 hours.